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What Is Shabamazama?

Shabamazama is an amazing new service, allowing you to simply sing or hum the tune that is stuck in your head and then receive back the song and artist information, lickety-split! Although it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t!

How do they work?

Step 1

Record yourself singing a song.

Step 2

Send the recording to Shabamazama.com

Step 3

Receive an informative response!

Who is Uncle Carl?

Allow myself to introduce myself, I’m Uncle Carl! Once upon a time, I was a non-trepreneur. After that, I became a want-repreneur. However, with the launch of this beautiful website, and my amazing products, I’m now a full-fledged entrepreneur!

It is my pleasure to bring you such high quality products, expertly designed and built to last! My team of Cousin Jerry, my wife Susan, and myself make up the Uncle Carl Dream Team of Entrepreneurial Excellence, or UCDToEE! Thank you for visiting my website!

Still not convinced?

Cousin Jerry is a full-fledged music aficionado, so you don’t have to be! His extensive musical knowledge, spanning across decades and genres, powers the Shamabamaza service. Never before has it been so easy to identify the unidentifiable songs stuck in your head!

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